No, this is not a post about “Charmed” the 90’s supernatural TV drama…but I could have used a wee dose of confidence magic on Friday… The Lovely Natasha from The Planted Mindset Podcast had invited me to be her guest to discuss Periods , Perimenopause and Progress and the time had come to press record.Continue reading “P3”

360 Degrees

2021, new year, same old lock down! Closed down again. This time I had an idea but no strategy on how to get it out of my head and into the word as an actual THING. I’d started following a business coach after seeing her spoken word performance on Instagram. I loved the way sheContinue reading “360 Degrees”


The universe answered my need for a rest with the emergence of covid …and I was forced to close my business for “3 weeks to flatten the curve”. It soon became clear this was going to be a much longer break than anyone had anticipated. Having some extra time on my hands it was theContinue reading “Lockdown”

How did I get here?

Not many of you know the story of how I first started my business, so over the next few days I’m going to tell you some stories. Rewind back to 2016, which seems SO much longer ago than it actually is! I had had been training for my first marathon – Edinburgh, and everything wasContinue reading “How did I get here?”

If you see me doing less…I’m doing more.

Do you think I’ve been a bit quiet? Only online! I know some people think I don’t do very much…but that’s a bit like assuming if you don’t see someone on Strava, then they aren’t running… Yes, I may have been a bit rubbish at sending regular emails and guilty of not posting in myContinue reading “If you see me doing less…I’m doing more.”

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