Another favourite treatment?

In 2006, when I qualified as Beauty Therapist there were two treatments which I absolutely loved.  You probably realise the first one was Massage, but the other has been popping into my mind more frequently for a while now. So, a few weeks ago, I asked my husband to go up into the attic toContinue reading “Another favourite treatment?”

No-one Owns Massage

Massage is an ancient therapy which has stood the test of time because it is effective and adaptable for everyone!   There are a plethora of modalities including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Remedial, Sports, Hot Stone, Rolfing, Heller, Myofascial Release…and many more. These modalities all have something in common – they have beenContinue reading “No-one Owns Massage”

Makeover Madness!

Sometimes it’s a great idea to have a bit of a makeover to feel refreshed and rejuvenated…The pandemic certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me incorporate my running hobby into part of my work. But some makeovers are only meant to be temporary… Over the last few months, I have workedContinue reading “Makeover Madness!”

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