Makeover Madness!

Sometimes it’s a great idea to have a bit of a makeover to feel refreshed and rejuvenated…The pandemic certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me incorporate my running hobby into part of my work. But some makeovers are only meant to be temporary… Over the last few months, I have workedContinue reading “Makeover Madness!”


No, this is not a post about “Charmed” the 90’s supernatural TV drama…but I could have used a wee dose of confidence magic on Friday… The Lovely Natasha from The Planted Mindset Podcast had invited me to be her guest to discuss Periods , Perimenopause and Progress and the time had come to press record.Continue reading “P3”

Smile Repeats

“Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot…” Lifehack Me and my new pals from my OFF PLAN run this morning! If you aren’t on Facebook or Instagram you might not have heard about my #smilerepeats campaign… Over the next 4 weeks I am on a mission to help burnt out runners rediscover theirContinue reading “Smile Repeats”

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