Following my marathon daydreaming I was keen to learn a bit more about updating my Massage skills…did you know I used to be a Beauty Therapist?   I loved massage but I wasn’t really that interested in polishing, pedicures and pampering. Sports Massage sounded like an ideal move, after all – wasn’t that what hadContinue reading “Thumb-gate!”

If you see me doing less…I’m doing more.

Do you think I’ve been a bit quiet? Only online! I know some people think I don’t do very much…but that’s a bit like assuming if you don’t see someone on Strava, then they aren’t running… Yes, I may have been a bit rubbish at sending regular emails and guilty of not posting in myContinue reading “If you see me doing less…I’m doing more.”

Smile Repeats

“Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot…” Lifehack Me and my new pals from my OFF PLAN run this morning! If you aren’t on Facebook or Instagram you might not have heard about my #smilerepeats campaign… Over the next 4 weeks I am on a mission to help burnt out runners rediscover theirContinue reading “Smile Repeats”

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