Massage Therapy and Sport

Benefits of regular Sports Massage

The overall objective of Sports Massage is to enhance performance and enjoyment of sport, at whatever level of participation. Commitment to maintaining balance in your body is an essential part of your training plan.

Improve quantity and quality of training The majority of overuse muscle injuries develop because training is resumed before the muscles have fully recovered from the last training session. 
It takes time for the blood circulating through the muscle to remove the muscle waste that accumulates through hard exercise, supply the ingredients necessary to repair any damage fibres, and replenish the nutritional level. 
Massage can enhance these processes. With quicker and more complete recovery you can increase both the quantity and quality of training with greater safety. The revitalised and refreshed feeling also helps boost your motivation! 

Helps identify and deal with potential injuries It’s common for me to identify areas of pain and tension that you did not realise you had. These could be sites of potential overuse injury, which can then be dealt with before they affect training and performance.  Sports massage will reduce muscle soreness and improver range of motion. Sports massage is dedicated as much to injury prevention as it is to injury treatment and rehabilitation.  There is no physical treatment that can prevent a running injury, but I can give preventative treatment as well as advice on avoiding injury. 

Enabling fine-tuning of training By identifying potential problems early, we can monitor the effects of training and make vital adjustments to a programme before injury occurs: for example, improving stretching on a particular area, or adapting some exercises for a few days to maintain optimal balance in your body throughout the course of your training. 

Sports massage when injured Continuing to train with a minor injury may not aid its recovery, but rest alone may not be the best solution either. 
Massage can effectively treat the majority of minor soft tissue (muscle, tendon and ligaments), which are by far the most numerous of all sport injuries, but other injuries may require other medical treatments – I do not diagnose injuries and will always refer you to a medical practitioner where necessary! 

When to have sports massage  Aim for a massage the day before an active rest day.  If you go out and run hard the day after your massage, this can be counterproductive. Likewise, if you book your massage immediately after your longest, hardest run your muscles will be fatigued, so save your massage for the following day when your body has had a chance to begin its own repair and adapt process following your tough session. 
Pre and post event massage For the well-trained and prepared athlete, pre-event sports massage should achieve a mainly psychological benefit. As not everyone responds in quite the same way to massage it is a risk to try your first one just before a major event. Try things out to see what suits you best first. 
I apply techniques in different ways to either stimulate or relax the tissues. These can be used in a variety of combinations to help you feel and perform at your very best. Post-event massage always makes sense because it promotes recovery so well. 

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