How many times have you picked the “perfect” plan for your goal but found it completely unrealistic to put into practice?!

Imagine having the confidence to develop your own unique training systems and improve performance by understanding and responding to your own body more effectively, whilst loving every single mile…

Jill understands the evidence-based research upon which training plans are built and educates runners on how to adapt the science to work best for themselves as individuals.  She also believes runners must look after their mindset and their “running spirit” because remembering their own personal reasons for running in the first place helps keep then on track!

What makes Jill qualified to help is that she has been the burnt-out runner! She knows how it feels to work SO hard to follow someone else’s plan, but not get the results. In the past she was often tired, frustrated and injured. Her passion for running, sports massage background and experiences as both a runner and a running coach put her in an ideal position to help runners achieve personal goals in a balanced way.

Your plan should put YOU at the centre and THEN look to your goals and how you can achieve them.

If you’d like to join my waiting list for a place or would like more details, please email hello@jillfairbairn.com for more details

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