Coaching & Programming for Runners

My mission is helping runners to find and train within that sweet spot where the science of training meets the spirit of running so you can become stronger, run for longer and most importantly, LOVE every single mile!


A unique blend of structured programming, injury prevention and mindset exercises will help you get in tune with the best way for you to reach your true potential.

But why bother working with a Coach when you can find everything you need on the internet?

Does your internet search:

  • Help you set realistic goals?
  • Provide encouragement and accountability with a regular coaching call?
  • Design individual programmes to suit your goals and lifestyle?
  • Regularly reassess and adjust your schedule as required ?
  • Explain the purpose behind the plan?
  • Care about you?

Something to think about perhaps?

Together we will discuss your goals and start from where you are right now. Taking into account your current movement patterns and running form and any injuries and training preferences, I will design a completely individualised programme that fits in with your lifestyle. Optimizing your performance and reducing the risk of injury, getting you closer to your goals in the way that works for you.

I’m here to help you!

How much closer to your goals could you be?

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