What do wellness and selfcare mean to you?

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What do wellness and self care mean to you?

We use these words so much more than ever and often interchangeably, often without really considering what they mean, but there’s a subtle difference.

Think about all the things you do, every day. Consider all the different types of energy you use or are around.

Physically are you are moving, exercising, eating, and resting?

Mentally are you are thinking things through, solving problems, imagining possibilities?

Emotionally are you expressing (or suppressing) how you feel and being heard?

Spiritually are you are being true to yourself and what you believe?

Environmentally are the places and people surrounding you healthy and safe?

Socially are you feeling connected to your community?

For optimum wellness these energies are balanced, however that looks for you.

text on a wall
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Your self-care then, is made up of the steps you take to balance them and maintain that state.

Self- care isn’t always the fluffy stuff either! Of course, it could be taking time for yourself with a massage, but equally, it could be removing yourself from environments where you don’t feel comfortable, or making your voice heard when you feel ignored.

What works for me will be different from what works for you. Some days you need energy, some days you need rest.

Self-care is those little positive tweaks in your daily life that contribute towards your wellness.

Can you see areas where some wee changes could be useful for you?

What small changes can you make?


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