No-one Owns Massage

Massage is an ancient therapy which has stood the test of time because it is effective and adaptable for everyone!  

There are a plethora of modalities including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Remedial, Sports, Hot Stone, Rolfing, Heller, Myofascial Release…and many more.

These modalities all have something in common – they have been derived from the use of touch as a method of healing, developed from many cultural origins and there are many overlaps in the methods and techniques which are often a combination of structural and energetic concepts, placing value on the important connection between the mind and body.

Massage is effective in producing responses through your nervous system through its interrelationship with all your body systems and it has a normalizing effect on your body’s energetic processes.

Although many of you know me as a “Sports Massage” Therapist, I’ve gradually been circling back to where I began as a therapist, and what Massage Therapy really means to me.

I’ve always believed that no single modality “owns” massage and one isn’t superior to another. In my opinion, whichever type of Massage you favour, your massage will be most effective when it is tailored to you as an individual by a therapist who listens and understands.

I value the benefit of regular Massage Therapy on the body to help you keep moving well – most forms of musculoskeletal discomfort respond, at least temporarily. And on the mind the use of massage for anxiety, depression and day-to-day stress is beneficial in conjunction within a holistic approach. I also believe that Massage can help us balance your own personal energies and boost your spirit.

It’s important to me to share this with you simply because this means that I will be able to provide a much more effective service to you when I am being authentic to myself and my beliefs as your massage therapist.


How does this post make you feel about Massage Therapy? Do my beliefs surprise you?

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