Makeover Madness!

Sometimes it’s a great idea to have a bit of a makeover to feel refreshed and rejuvenated…The pandemic certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me incorporate my running hobby into part of my work.

But some makeovers are only meant to be temporary…

Over the last few months, I have worked directly with almost 30 runners from a variety of backgrounds and with a selection of goals, the trend has been of improvements in speed, strength and confidence which has been amazing to be a part of!

However, those same last few months I have been extra focused on programming the workouts, the miles, the minutes, the pace, the strength. But something had been missing.

The most important focus on the love and enjoyment to be gained from running! Where I began with my Smile Repeats campaign, and Runner Reboot at the beginning of this year were a much truer refection of my ethos:

Where the science meets the spirit.

I have also been missing working 1:1 with people – my massage clients! I wrote here previously that I wasn’t feeling aligned with some of my clients expectations – but I realise now that the vibe I was sending out in the few months before lockdown began was actually miles away from the holistic and person-centred approach which attracted me to Massage Therapy in the early 2000’s.

It’s all too easy it is to fall back into doing what’s expected–from clients and from my peers and if I’m being honest – this has been the case for Massage too I feel like I have stepped further away from my own values as a Therapist, and I’ve let myself be put in a box.

I don’t think I was designed to fit in and it’s time to get my balance back!

I’ll be launching a new Massage Service in the very near future – I’ll explain more about the what and especially the why soon…

AH! That’s better. Thanks for sticking with me – I’m proud of what I have achieved throughout the last 18 months and I have worked with some amazing clients – but I intend to continue to evolve because I know that I provide the best services by respecting my own values and being my most authentic self.


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