Somehow, I’d gone from happily working with proactive, positive, active people looking to keep their body feeling fresh and ready to go, with the aim of continuing enjoying their healthy lifestyle, into attracting people who wanted me to “fix” their long-term issues with a single massage…although this was never a promise I made!  

It was becoming increasingly frustrating for me to feel as though I was somehow letting clients down by not being effective in providing something that wasn’t even in my job description. It wasn’t even my responsibility!

Feeling a bit burnt-out

I’m a notorious people-pleaser and it was becoming too much pressure….doing the best I could but also continually reminding clients that I am not a physio/doctor/magician or that they might need to do something more to help themselves, a sports massage isn’t a magic spell!

Obviously, I hadn’t been clear enough in my message of the service I was able to provide, and because I was always going the extra mile for many of my clients – because I do care about people – it seemed this was giving out the wrong signal.

They don’t teach that at Sports Massage school.

Working with my regular clients was still so rewarding, and it pretty much was what was kept me in balance, but with more experiences grew more understanding about other people’s expectations – and also my own boundaries and limitations.

Just as I was starting to think I might need a little time-out, something MASSIVE happened…

(Part 3 of 5)

PS Did you know I still do offer SPORTS MASSAGE? You can find more information here https://jillfairbairn.com/sports-massage/

Also information on working with me to https://jillfairbairn.com/boost-your-running/

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  1. Really interesting hearing about your journey Jill! I’m learning that the best approach to running in the long term is definitely a holistic one – there’s no magic spell like you say and runners have to be prepared to work at issues themselves too. It’s easy to take our bodies for granted isn’t it!

    1. Thanks Kate! It definitely makes sense to think able how we want to progress over the long term and look for proactive ways to do that 😀 Thanks for commenting 😀

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