360 Degrees

2021, new year, same old lock down! Closed down again. This time I had an idea but no strategy on how to get it out of my head and into the word as an actual THING.

I’d started following a business coach after seeing her spoken word performance on Instagram. I loved the way she highlighted the fact for me that I didn’t have to stay in my self-imposed massage therapy shaped box…I do have more skills to offer, and I also have the desire to use them. Before I knew it, I’d joined her Tribe!

The beginning of my breakout was my #smilerepeats campaign – if you joined me in this THANK YOU!

It was important to me to show that my coaching philosophy is not just about miles, pace, and distance.  Loving your running and taking enjoyment from your training is even more important.

Although, if you’d told me back in January, I’d now be running my own private running programme, Runner Reboot, supporting 14 runners of varying abilities to add structure, gain strength and have confidence in their running, I would’ve said, “No way, you’ve got the wrong girl!”.

But here I am.

That daydream I had after the marathon has become a real part of my life. It may have been Sports Massage that started this ball rolling but looking back I can see the other patterns – the importance of strength and conditioning AND of how my mindset played a part.  

Which sums up quite nicely how the name Runner 360 came about – This is the name of my Facebook Group (we also have Team Runner 360, where my 1:1 Clients get to hang out) This name represents 360 degrees, or a full circle with no beginning or end, your body, brain and attitude and everything in between.

Because as runners we aren’t just using our legs!

In January I wasn’t brave enough to even call myself a coach.  Today I am proud to be both a Sports Massage Therapist and Running Coach who believes in training where the science meets the spirit to help you become stronger, run for longer and LOVE every single mile!

Not The End.

P.S. Yes. I still offer Sports Massage too !https://jillfairbairn.com/sports-massage/

AND Information on working with me to boost your running is here https://jillfairbairn.com/boost-your-running/

P.P.S If you made it through all 5 days , you’re fabulous! Thanks for reading my story.

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