Socially Awkward

It’s true! I am socially awkward.

At work I can come across as quite confident, (so I’ve been told!) but put me in front of a room full of people and that’s a whole other story…

But that’s not what this post is about!

It seems that my social media message has been a bit confusing…and I can’t have that!

I have started fresh – the Sports Massage information and the Run Coaching posts will bw completely separate from now on, so you can decide which posts you see on social media.

On instagram, you can now find me at :

@_jillfairbairn_coach  and   @_jillfairbairn_sportsmassage

Facebook will be updated soon too, following this theme…so you can choose whether you want to follow one or the other.

Or both.

Or neither!

If you’re really not interested in either feel free to unfollow, haha!

I thought you might appreciate the choice!

Everything will still be on my website as usual and booking your Sports Massage is now even easier – I have more time slots available. You can still see all availability up to 4 weeks in advance and book easily online 24/7 at

Ah! That’s better, I feel much less awkward now.

Jill x

P.S. Look out for some other new coming soon!

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