If you see me doing less…I’m doing more.

Do you think I’ve been a bit quiet? Only online!

I know some people think I don’t do very much…but that’s a bit like assuming if you don’t see someone on Strava, then they aren’t running…

Yes, I may have been a bit rubbish at sending regular emails and guilty of not posting in my facebook group, BUT, I am working hard behind the scenes so I can help YOU more.

Fair chuffed to log into my Level 4 S&C course portal this morning to find I have achieved 2 more certifications.

I’m edging towards the final L4 practical exam – having been running for so long it’s taking this body a wee while to work through some decidedly dodgy movement patterns and re-co-ordination myself.  Can you relate?!

Also soaking up ALL the juicy stuff from my “Women Are Not Small Men” and “Menopause for Athletes” training courses. I cannot wait to put this knowledge into practice – this could be a game changer for a lot of women, myself included. (You know I always test what I am learning on myself!)

With more runners joining Team 360, which is SO much fun, and continuing to offer sports massage sessions, you can see why I have been a bit quiet on the social media front!

There is a fair amount of pressure on a one-girl business to do ALL THE THINGS. But on saying that, ALL THE THINGS are what I signed up for when I chose to make this my job and really, when I chat to my clients and hear how much they are getting out of their programmes – physically and mentally – I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Jill x

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