Did you ever think that a smile could make such a difference?

Last month I ran a 4 week campaign called Smile Repeats – the idea came to me during a run, funnily enough…

I was thinking about how much I was enjoying being able to run again after being injured for most of the pandemic and I found myself smiling as I ran.

I reached out on social media asking runners to join me for 4 weeks in following some short weekly challenges designed to help them enjoy their running even more. I asked that they would share a post run selfie too, because I hoped that these would boost the mood on social media and begin to inspire others to get out and give running a go, and in turn boost their own physical and mental health.

Right now that’s more important than ever as we continue to move on through the pandemic.

It was amazing to hear from people who had seen the selfies and begun to follow the hashtag…and started to get out to run!

All from the power of a smile.

Being able to get out and run isn’t always about speed and distance…sometimes we just need to get out and run and breathe and think.


Jill x

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