Just like starting over…

Are we nearly there yet? Who else feels some trepidation about coming out of lockdown (again)? I certainly do.

I don’t mind telling you I feel like I am starting all over again. But in a way I am.

I started lockdown as a drained and often frustrated Massage Therapist, finding myself all too frequently unable to meet expectations from injured clients…repeating almost daily that massage is never a replacement for injury prevention work, I realize I was taking on responsibility that wasn’t mine to own…

Lockdown has been an opportunity to reassess and to learn, to think creatively and honestly about how I can help you more effectively.

My mission moving forward is helping runners to find and train within that sweet spot where the science of training meets the spirit of running so you can become stronger, run for longer and most importantly, love every single mile!

A unique blend of structured programming, injury prevention and mindset exercises will help you get in tune with the best way for you to reach your true potential.

I have been testing all my programmes on myself and my own running, and I’m so excited to be returning from lockdown on a new adventure, as a refreshed, stronger and all-round happier human, therapist and coach who is ready to help you achieve your goals!

Jill x

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