About Massage Therapy

History shows us that massage was used to complement many forms of medical practices throughout the ages – as well as providing relaxation, social interaction, and beautification. This makes it evident that our physical and emotional well-being contributes hugely to our overall state of health.

Massage Therapy derived from the use of touch as a method of healing, developed from many cultural origins and there are many overlaps in the methods and techniques which are often a combination of structural and energetic concepts, placing value on the important connection between the mind and body – where the science meets the spirit!

“Massage is the integration of art and science providing a means of treating the body and mind of the receiver with the body and mind of the giver. For this reason, it is a holistic treatment, meaning the effects of the massage affect the whole.”

Parsons (2004)
YOUR massage will always be most effective when it is tailored to you as an individual, which is what I offer you.

Regular Massage Therapy benefits your body to help you keep moving well – most forms of musculoskeletal discomfort respond well.

Regular massage Therapy benefits your mind by soothing anxiety, depression, and day-to-day stress – worry and relaxation cannot co-exist!

Regular Massage Therapy can help you balance your own personal energies and boost your spirit.

What we always knew intuitively, has been proven over time, as research continues to provide evidence that massage helps to enhance and maintain good health.

Fritz (1995)

Regular massage treatment offers greater long-term relief because the effects of massage are cumulative. Regular treatments encourage greater self-awareness as well as providing a designated time out in which to rejuvenate both body and mind.

A “one -off” treatment offers a short- term solution to an annoying stressor. E.g., the effects of a busy day can be relieved by addressing the physical symptoms of tiredness and help to prepare the body for sleep.

Massage is an ancient therapy which has stood the test of time because it is effective and adaptable for everyone. YOUR massage will always be most effective when it is tailored to you as an individual, which is what I offer you.

Jill Fairbairn
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